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Bob Rolfson, Photographer

Bob Rolfson, an employee of Ford Motor Company here in Dearborn turns out to be a fine photographer. This came to our attention during the spring of 2005 when a litter of fox pups appeared literally on the doorstep of the Ford Motor Credit building. We pulled out our camera for snapshots, as did many others who saw the young pups emerge from under the building on late afternoons, but these all looked quite amateurish compared the photographs Mr. Rolfson had captured. Here is a look at a couple of those.

Actually, Bob Rolfson is an active and avid wildlife photographer. Here are some of the different owl shots he has captured.

And in another set of bird photographs by Mr. Rolfson, we see an oriole "enraptored" by a screech owl and a hawk. Oh, my!

Prints available

Mr. Rolfson uses professional grade equipment both to capture and print his photographs. We bought a 17-by-11 inch print of the Detroit photograph featured on our news & views page and there is nary a hint of grain--on a nighttime exposure, no less. The computer monitor really does no justice to this print.

To purchase prints or see more photographs, contact Bob Rolfson e-mail at


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